Stiga Clipper vs Butterfly Viscaria Table Tennis Blade

The Stiga Clipper and Butterfly Viscaria and Viscaria Super ALC both offer different levels of power and control, and feel pretty different. In this article I’ll compare their compositions, thicknesses, weight, and their performance to help you decide which is the most suitable blade.

Clipper vs Viscaria

The Stiga Clipper is a softer and more flexible blade in comparison to the Butterfly Viscaria. The Clipper feels easier to control and vibrates more whereas the Viscaria feels more powerful and faster. The Clipper is 7-ply all-wood blade, whereas the Viscaria is a 5+2 ply carbon and wood blade.

Stiga ClipperButterfly Viscaria
7-Ply All-Wood Blade7-Ply Carbon and Wood Blade
Moderate stiffness and hardness High stiffness and hardness
Moderate powerHigh power
High spinModerate spin
High vibrationLow vibration
90-95 g weight88-92 g weight
 6.6 mm thick5.7 mm thick 
Stiga Clipper vs Butterfly Viscaria table tennis blades

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Butterfly Viscaria Overview

There are two types of Butterfly Viscaria blades, the standard Viscaria version and the Viscaria Super ALC version.

  • Viscaria: 5-ply wood + 2-ply acrylate carbon
  • Viscaria Super ALC: 5-ply wood + 2-ply super acrylate carbon
FeatureViscariaViscaria Super ALC
Composition5-ply wood +
2 Acrylate-Carbon
5-ply wood +
2 Super Acrylate-Carbon
Weight90 g91 g
Thickness5.8 mm5.7 mm

The blades have a similar weight and overall thickness, the difference between the two is caused by the material used for the 2 carbon layers.

The Viscaria Super ALC blade feels softer, faster and more powerful compared to the Viscaria blade. In terms of feel, the Super ALC version has less vibration.

Stiga Clipper Overview

The Stiga Clipper is one of the most popular blades in the Stiga range. It has a 7-ply all wood composition and is best for close-mid table offensive players. It’s best known for being consistent and controlled.

It’s fast for an all-wood blade but you do need to put more effort into your stroke to get maximum speed compared to a carbon blade.


The Stiga Clipper and Butterfly Viscaria/ Viscaria Super ALC are 7-ply blades. However, the Stiga Clipper is an all-wood blade, whereas the Viscaria is a 2-ply carbon + 5-ply wood blade.

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC
Inner 2 LayersAyousLimbaLimba
Middle 2 LayersAyousALCSuper ALC
Outer 2 LayersLimbaKotoKoto

Stiffness and Hardness

Since the Viscaria blades have 2 carbon layers, they feel stiffer compared to the Stiga Clipper. The Clipper also uses ayous which is moderately stiff, but not as stiff as the ALC, limba and koto layers found in the Viscaria.

  • Kiri stiffness: 4380 MPa
  • Ayous stiffness: 7260 MPa
  • Limba stiffness: 10490 MPa
  • Koto stiffness: 12080 MPa

Stiffer blades offer more power and speed, but are harder to control compared to more flexible blades. Flexible blades also vibrate more which can be useful as it gives the player more feedback.

The hardness of a blade is affected by the two outer layers. The Stiga Clipper is a softer blade compared to the Butterfly Viscaria because its 2 outer plies are made from limba which is a softer wood compared to koto which is found on the outer layers of the Viscaria.

Harder blades feel more powerful, so less effort is required to cause the ball to rebound from the paddle at the same speed compared to using a softer blade which would require more effort. Softer blades make it easier to generate spin because they allow the ball to dwell on the paddle for longer.

Check out my guide to blade hardness and stiffness to learn more.

Weight and Thickness

The Stiga Clipper is a thick blade and measures 6.6 mm on average. The Butterfly Viscaria and Viscaria Super ALC blades have a fairly similar thickness of 5.7 mm to 5.8 mm.

The Stiga Clipper is a heavier blade in comparison to the Butterfly Viscaria and Viscaria Super ALC .

  • Stiga Clipper: 90-95g weight
  • Butterfly Viscaria/ Super ALC Viscaria: 88-92g weight

Some players prefer lighter blades as they feel more agile. This can be useful for close-distance play and counter attacking.

Speed and Power

Since the Butterfly Viscaria and Viscaria Super ALC are both harder and stiffer compared to the Stiga Clipper, they are also more powerful. This means that you’ll need to put less effort into your stroke to generate the same amount of power with the Viscaria blades compare to the Clipper.

Being an all-wood blade, the Clipper isn’t as powerful as the Viscaria. It still offers a decent level of speed, but it doesn’t match the level that a carbon blade provides.


Although the rubber is very important when it comes to generating spin, the blade also makes a difference.

The Stiga Clipper can make it easier to generate spin due it being more flexible and softer in comparison to the Viscaria. This makes the Clipper an excellent blade for looping. Stiffer blades can make it harder to generate spin, and may need to be paired with a spinny rubber to compensate.

Control and Feel

The benefit of the Stiga Clipper is that it offers more control and feel compared to the Butterfly Viscaria.

The Clipper is softer and more flexible which increases the ball’s dwell time and makes it more forgiving and easier to control.

The Viscaria blades have a stiff feel which means they don’t vibrate much. This is preferred by some players, but for less experienced players having a blade with more feeling is recommended. This allows the player to receive more feedback on each stroke which can help them to improve faster.

The Stiga Clipper is a heavier blade which means it doesn’t feel as agile in comparison to the Viscaria which feels lighter and more nippy.

Which Blade is Best?

If you’re looking for a hard and stiff blade and prioritise speed, power and agility then the Butterfly Viscaria blade will be the best option. However, if you prefer a more controlled and spinny blade that offers more feeling, then you’ll prefer the Stiga Clipper.

Remember that the rubber pairing also makes a huge difference.

If you find the Stiga Clipper too slow, you can put a fast rubber on it to compensate. Equally, if you want to increase the spin capability with the Viscaria, you can use a spinnier rubber.

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