How Much Does a Snooker Table Cost? (With 12+ Examples)

If you’re in the market for a snooker table then you need to have a good idea of what you can get for your money before purchasing anything to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. In this article, I’ll take you through the average price of a snooker table, and the factors that affect the overall price.

Average Snooker Table Cost

Full-size tournament-level slate-bed snooker tables start at roughly $10,000-$12,000 in the USA and £9,000 in the UK. Smaller snooker tables start at approximately £4000 in the UK and $5000 in the USA. The thicker the slate-bed and the higher quality cloth and frame used, the more expensive the table will be.


  • USA Prices
  • UK Prices
  • What Affects the Price?
  • What Can You Expect Within Different Price Brackets?

USA Prices

Snooker tables in the USA start at approximately $7,500 for a 9 ft table. For a full-size 12 ft snooker table, you can expect to pay roughly $12,000. You can also purchase foldable MDF billiards tables and a set of snooker balls for around $300-$500 if you are looking for a cheaper option.

Here are some examples of popular snooker tables and how much they cost in the USA.

TableAverage PriceSizeBed
BCE Westbury$80009 ft45 mm slate
BCE Westbury$850010 ft45 mm slate
BCE Westbury Steel Cushion$1200012 ft45 mm slate
Star Xing Pai XW101$1900012 ftSlate
Examples of snooker table prices in the USA

UK Prices

Slate-bed snooker tables in the UK start at around £4000. For a full-size 12 ft snooker table, expect to pay at least £7000. You can also get foldable MDF snooker tables in a smaller size which cost around £300 and can also function as a pool table if you purchase an additional set of balls.

Here are some examples of popular snooker tables and how much they cost in the UK.

TableAverage PriceSizeBed
Pureline Folding Table£3006ft18 mm MDF
Riley Traditional LITE£41007 ft19 mm slate
Riley BCE Westbury£575010 ft45 mm slate
Riley BCE Westbury£715012 ft45 mm slate
Billard Toulet Lambert£82507 ft19 mm state
Billard Toulet Lambert£92508 ft19 mm slate
Riley Aristocrat Tournament£1420012 ft45 mm slate
Tagora Slate£1450010 ft40 mm slate
Tagora Slate£1550012 ft40 mm slate
Examples of snooker table prices in the UK

What Affects the Price?

As you can see from the examples above, there is a considerable price range with some snooker tables costing very high prices and others being a lot more affordable. So what makes one snooker table more expensive than another.

The main factors that affect the cost of a snooker table are:

  • Size
  • Bed material and thickness
  • Frame quality
  • Design
  • Brand
  • The accessories included
  • Installation fee


A full-size snooker table is 12 ft, but you can also get smaller sizes which are more affordable and easier to fit into the home. The most popular sizes are 9 ft and 10 ft, but you can also get 6-8 ft tables however these are usually designed to play pool and will result in a very different playing experience compare to a full-size table.

Most brands offer the same model of table in multiple sizes, for example 10 ft and 12 ft, and the price between them is usually not that much in comparison to the overall price. To step up from a 10 ft to a 12 ft table of the same model, you’re looking at around a $750-$1500 or £750-£1500 price increase. This usually works out as a 10-20% price increase depending on the model.

Bed Material and Thickness

There are two materials that can be used for the bed of the table: MDF and slate. MDF is inexpensive and lightweight but slate offers the best durability and playing experience. Slate tables are always the better choice if money isn’t an option and you’re looking for the most consistent playing surface. The thickness of the bed is also important. The thicker the surface, the better the playing experience will be.

The cheapest snooker tables available will have an MDF bed, whereas tables over $4000/ £4000 should have a slate bed and I’d avoid them if they do not. As the price increases, the slate thickness usually does as well. Tournament-level tables usually have a slate thickness of at least 40 mm.

Frame Quality and Design

Cheaper snooker tables will often have a thinner frame made of MDF with a basic design. When the price starts to increase, the frame will usually be made out of more premium woods such as mahogany, maple and oak. These have a more attractive finish and are also much more durable.


If you want a premium snooker table, then it’s best to go with one of the most reputable brands. The table will cost a bit more, but you’ll get a better table for your money. Here are some of the best snooker table brands:

  • Riley
  • Rasson Billiards
  • SAM
  • Xing Pai


Most snooker tables with come with cues, balls, a triangle, chalk and sometimes extras such as a brush, rests, and cue extenders. The quality of these accessories also tends to increase as the overall price of the table goes up. For example, you may find more expensive tables coming with Aramith balls which are better quality than the standard balls that come with most tables.

Most companies also will install the snooker table for you as it requires a lot of skill to make sure it’s level. Some companies will charge this as an additional fee, but with more expensive tables you may find that this is included for free in the overall price.

What Can You Get in Your Price Range?

Now we know what affects the price and have seen some examples of different snooker tables, I wanted to go through some of the main price brackets and explain what kind of table you should expect to get for your money.

Under $1000/ £1000

Snooker tables which cost under $1000/ £1000 will usually be foldable and roughly 6 ft in size with an MDF frame and bed. These kinds of tables can serve as snooker tables but are primarily designed to play pool due to their size. Although you can get a set of snooker balls for these tables, the game will not feel the same as on a dedicated snooker table with different dimensions.

Between $5000-$8000/ £4000-£6000

In this price range, you should expect a slate-bed snooker table with a thickness of around 20 mm. The table will usually be 8 ft or 9 ft, but you may be able to get a 10 ft table at the top end of this price range. These tables are ideal for home-use but again will feel quite a bit different to playing on a full-size table.

Between $8000-$10000/ £6000-£9000

In this price bracket, you’ll get a high-end 9 ft or 10 ft slate bed snooker table with a thickness of around 40 mm, or a more affordable 12 ft snooker table with usually a lower quality frame or thinner slate. These tables will offer a high-end experience for home-use, or can be used in professional settings for tournaments if you go for the full-size.

Over $10000/ £9000

When you’re spending this much on a snooker table you’ll normally be getting a thick (over 40 mm) slate bed table that is at least 10 ft, but usually 12 ft in size. These tables are primarily designed for tournament use.

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