How Much Does a Shuffleboard Table Cost (With Examples)

Shuffleboard tables make a great edition to a games room or recreational area, but how much do they cost? In this article, I’ll guide you through the average price of different sized shuffleboard tables and the other factors which affect the cost.

The Quick Answer

A good quality shuffleboard table will cost around $3000-$7000 on average. Full-size premium tables can cost between $10,000-$30,000, whereas more affordable 9ft tables can cost under $1000. The price is mainly affected by the quality and size. Size increments of 2′ result in a price increase of $300-$500.

Price and Shuffleboard Table Size

The first factor you need to consider when discussing the price of a shuffleboard table is the size.

A full-size shuffleboard (regulation) table is 22′ in length (6.7 m), however smaller sizes are available for home and commercial use. The most common sizes are 9′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′ and 20′. The 9′, 12′, 14′, 16′ shuffleboard table sizes are very popular for home-use.

Here is a table showing the difference sizes of shuffleboard tables and their average price ranges in the UK and USA.

Shuffleboard Table SizeUSA Price RangeUK Price Range
9’$800 – $9,000£3,500 – £11,500
12’$1,000 – $9,500£4,000 – £12,000
14’$1,250 – $10,500£4,500 – £12,500
16’$1,500 – $11,000£5,000 – £13,000
18’$5,000 – $11,500£5,500 – £13,500
20’$7,500 – $12,000£6,000 – £14,000
22’$8,000 – $12,500£6,500 – £15,000
Price ranges of different size shuffleboard tables in the USA and UK

You’ll notice that the price range is very significant, particularly for the smaller tables (9ft to 16ft). The cost of the table depends on a considerable amount of factors relating the the brand and overall quality.

For example, in the USA a 9ft shuffleboard table can cost anywhere from $800 to around $9000. Many budget brands have shuffleboard tables which are lower in quality and sit around the $800-$4000 price range. If you want a table from a well-known and more reputable brand, then expect to pay at least $5000.

In the UK there is still a wide range of prices, but generally most brands are considered mid-high end, and there are not really any budget options available like in the USA.

Note that the price range doesn’t increase that much as the table size increases.

Generally, you can expect to pay around $500 or £500 for an extra 2″ in table length. So for example the Hudson Sedona 9ft table is around $10,000, whilst the 22ft table is only an additional $2,400 coming in at around $12,400.

The same is true in the UK. Take the Hudson Berkeley for example which costs around £7,400 for a 9ft table and £10,600 for the 22ft table.

Now let’s look at some popular brands and how much their shuffleboard tables cost.

Brands and Price Ranges

There are many different brands that make shuffleboard tables, some of the most popular are:

  • Playcraft
  • Brunswick
  • Hudson
  • McClure
  • Hurricane

Let’s take a look at the different price brackets they cater for.

Playcraft ($1,500-$5,000)

Playcraft cater for lower budgets. They make 9ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft tables in a variety of designs which range from roughly $1,500 to $5,000. You could easily be fooled into thinking the table costs double the price as they are also finished very nicely and are well-constructed. They are mainly available in the USA.

Brunswick ($2,700-$7,400)

Brunswick mainly specialise in pool tables but also offer 6 different shuffleboard table models at the time of writing. These cater for the mid-range market and start at around $2,700 and range up to roughly $7,400. They make 12ft, 14ft and 16ft tables using a variety of finishes. In the UK these tables start at roughly £4,000 and range up to £7,300. There is usually only a $300 (£300) increase with each size jump.

Hudson ($6,000-$22,500)

Hudson make top-of-the-line American-made Shuffleboard tables which start at around $6000 and range up to $22,500. In the UK they cost between £7,000 and £18,500. They have an extensive range of choices in terms of finish and offer all the main sizes (9ft to 22ft).

All Hudson boards use finger jointed boards which are more premium than butt-jointed boards seen on more affordable tables. They have a true 90 degree edge on the plank (not bevelled) so the weight can hang off the edge rather than slip off. They use a UV additive in the resin which coats the table to prevent yellowing. Hudson also use a superior manufacturing process to ensure the planks are perfectly levelled.

McClure ($3,000 to $25,500)

McClure shuffleboard tables range from 9′ to 22′ in size and roughly $3,000 to $10,500 in price for standard in-stock tables. You can also get premium handcrafted tables which cost around $25,000. These tables all handmade in Texas and the brand is well-known for its quality craftsmanship. Unfortunately, they are very hard to get hold of in the UK.

Hurricane ($28,000-$29,745)

Hurricane shuffleboards are made in Florida and are best known for their unique designs. They are popular in high-end hotels and bars due to their distinctive look but they also can be used at home. They only cater for premium price points with the range being $28,000-$29,745 in the USA and £23,000-£33,3000 in the UK. The tables have a smaller playing surface of 12′ and 16′,

Why is There a Price Range?

So why is there such a difference in price between different shuffleboard tables?

Apart from the size, the plank thickness and finish, construction methods used, cradle material and presence of extras such as lights and scoring systems means that different shuffleboards cost different amounts. This is all related to the overall quality and prestige of the brand as well.

What Makes a Good Shuffleboard Table?

Here are some key things to consider if you are looking for a high-quality shuffleboard table:

  • Hardened maple plank material
  • High quality cradle material e.g. maple, birch, metal or glass
  • Epoxy resin finish (as opposed to lacquers and shellacs)
  • Plank finish of at least 0.25 inches thick
  • Comes with climatic adjusters

What Can You Get for Your Money?

Now let’s take a look at the kind of table you will get at different price points.

Between $1000 and $3000

Shuffleboard tables in this price bracket are considered lower quality and will typically have thinner finishes and use lower quality materials. They are very unlikely to have an electronic scoring system or any lighting included. The size will usually be around 9ft or 12ft in this price range.

Between $3000 and $5000

In this price range you’ll be able to get either a lower quality 14′ or 16′ table, or a higher quality 12′ or 14′ table from a more reputable brand such as Brunswick or McClure. They are again unlikely to have an electronic scoring system, but you may get some lighting included depending on the model.

Between $5000 and $7500

Shuffleboards priced between $5000 and $7500 will usually be very good quality. You can choose between a mid-range brand like Brunswick and go for a 12ft, 14ft or 16ft table or choose a 9ft or 12ft option from a high-end brand such as Hudson or McClure. You may get an electronic scoring system and lighting on a table in this price range.

Between $7500 and $10,000

In this price bracket you’ll have a wide range of high-quality options from brands such as Hudson and McClure. You’ll likely be able to get any size option (from 9ft to 22ft) and the inclusion of an electronic scoring system and lighting if choosing a smaller size table.

Between $10,000 and $15,0000

You will be able to get pretty much any table and feature you want in this price range including the top picks from most high-end brands except from Hurricane.

How Much Do the Accessories Cost?

It’s also a good ideal to factor in the price of accessories as well when calculating how much your shuffleboard table will cost. Here’s a quick list and price estimation for each item:

  • Table lighting (if not included in the table package): $500-$1000
  • Basic scoreboard (if not included in the table package): $50-$100
  • Electronic scoreboard (if not included in the table package): $750-$1500
  • Pucks (weights): $50-$200
  • Shuffleboard wax: $15-$20
  • Wiperboard/ brush: $15-$20
  • Shuffleboard cleaner: $20-$25
  • Shuffleboard silicone spray: $15-$20

Total (not including lights or scoreboard) = $115-$285

Total (including lights but not scoreboard) = $615-$1285

Total (including including lights and electronic scoreboard) = $1365 – $2785

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