How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost? (With Examples)

A foosball table is the perfect addition to a games room or recreational area, but how much do they cost? In this article, I’ll take you through the average prices of different types of foosball tables as well as all the factors which influence the price so you know how much you’ll need to spend.

The Quick Answer

Full size foosball tables typically cost between $300 and $1500, with the average being around $750 for a good quality option. Tournament-level and commercial foosball tables generally cost at least $1000, whilst mini and table-top foosball tables can cost as little as $20-$50.

Factors Affecting Price

There are quite a few factors which affect the price of foosball tables:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Materials and Features

Let’s take a look at each of these considerations.

Types of Table

There are 5 main types of foosball table available:

  • Home use and luxury
  • Outdoor
  • Commercial
  • Tournament Grade (ITSF recognised)
  • Mini

Home-use tables range from around $100 to well over $1000 when looking at luxury models. Tables priced between $100-$400 are typically only suitable for children and are less sturdy than the mid-priced tables. Outdoor tables are more expensive than indoor tables (over $300) , whilst mini tables are usually under $50.

Commercial tables typically use a glass top to protect the pieces and to prevent theft, and have a coin-operation mechanism which results in the higher cost compared to home-use tables.

Here is a table to show the price ranges for each type of foosball table.

Foosball Table TypePrice Range
Tournament Grade$1000-$2000
Mini (Tabletop)$20-$50
Average price range of different types of foosball tables.

Now let’s take a look at the factors which influence the price within each range.


Full-size foosball tables are 60″ in length, 30″ in width and 36″ in height, however regulation size foosball tables are slightly shorter with a length of 56″ but the same width and height as full size tables. You can also purchase smaller tables for home-use which typically have a length between 48-55″.

If you are looking for the most affordable and space-saving option, then you can also consider a tabletop foosball table. These typically start at around $20 for 20-30″ tables and $40 for slightly larger 35-40″ tables.

  • 48″ foosball tables typically range between $300-800
  • 56″ foosball tables typically range between $600-$1000
  • 59-60″ foosball tables typically cost at least $900

Make sure you factor in some additional room to be able to play. Ideally, you’ll need around 50″ on each side of the foosball table where the players stand to be able to play comfortably.

Also, make sure you consider the height of the table and the rods. Cheaper tables designed for younger players at shorter which may be a problem for adults who will need to hunch over to play.

Here is a table to show you the different prices of popular sizes of foosball tables.

Example Foosball TableDimensions (L x W x H)Average Price
Playoff 48-inch Table48.5 x 24 x 32”$280
Hurricane 54-inch Table54 x 27 x 33.25”$345
Sport Squad Greyson 56” Table56 x 31 x 34”$900
Center Stage 59-inch Pro Series59 x 29.5 x 35.5”$1200
Average price and dimensions of popular foosball tables

Materials and Quality

The type and size of the table are the two most obvious factors when it comes to dictating the price, however, the quality of the materials also plays a big role.

There are 4 main areas to consider here:

  • Table frame
  • Playing surface
  • Rods
  • Players

Table Frame

Foosball table frames are usually made from either plastic, MDF, plywood or solid wood. Outdoor tables are made from a type of plywood called marine plywood.

Affordable foosball tables which are priced under $300 and typically designed for younger players are usually made from MDF, whilst very cheap tables may be made from plastic. Mid-priced tables between $300 and $1000 are usually made from plywood, whilst luxury tables which can cost several thousands are often made from solid wood.

If your table will be used by adults or teenagers, try and go for plywood or solid wood because MDF and plastic can be a flimsy and will break more easily. Solid wood is very expensive, but the quality and appearance is second-to-none.

Most tables, even more affordable ones, have leg levellers which are pretty much essential in my opinion. It’s pretty rare that a decent table won’t have them but it’s always worth checking.

Playing Surface

The playing surface on a foosball table is usually made from either glass, laminated MDF, wood or plastic. Glass playing surfaces feel the fastest and are often found of high-end tables costing at least $1000. Wood surfaces are good quality but typically play slower, whilst plastic and laminated surfaces are the cheapest.


There are two main types of rods on a foosball table: telescopic and solid.

  • Telescopic rods do not poke out of the other end of the table and are lightweight.
  • Solid rods are usually used in competitions and are heavier and poke out of the table when pushed through to the other side.

Telescopic rods are the safer options, and usually are faster to play on, whilst solid rods allow for more powerful shots.

Most affordable and mid-range foosball tables have telescopic rods, whereas the most premium tables often have solid rods, but you may get the option.


The players on a foosball table are usually made from either metal or plastic. Plastic is lighter, faster and cheaper, whereas metal is heavier and results in more powerful shots. On most foosball tables under $1000, the players will be made from plastic.

What Kind of Foosball Table Can You Get for Your Money?

Now that we’ve been through all the factors that affect the price of a foosball table, I wanted to go through the different price brackets and features you can expect.

Under $100

A foosball table under $100 is likely to be a miniature or table-top design measuring around 35″ in length. Tables in this price bracket are typically made from either plastic or MDF and are designed for younger players and are not suitable for adults as they will likely be quite flimsy.

Between $100 and $300

A foosball table in this price range will likely be around 48″ in length which is smaller than a standard regulation table, but a good size for at-home use. It is likely to be made from MDF which can be quite flimsy so is only suitable for children and may be too delicate for teenagers and adults.

Between $300 and $750

A foosball table in this price bracket is likely to be good quality and suitable for adults as well as younger players. They are usually around 56″ in length which is the regulation size. The surface and frame will usually be made from MDF but will likely be thicker than cheaper options, whilst the players are usually made from plastic.

Between $750 and $1500

A foosball table in this price bracket is considered mid-high end and will be suitable for competitions as long as you choose the regulation size. The surface may be made from either wood or glass and the frame will be sturdy and well-made.

Over $1500

Foosball tables over $1500 are in the high-end price bracket and will usually be made from solid wood, and have a glass playing surface. The design is likely to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing compared to cheaper tables and the players will likely be made from metal.

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