How Much Does a Dartboard Cost? (With Types and Examples)

If you’re looking to purchase a dartboard for your home or a commercial setting, then you need to know how much a decent one costs before buying anything. In this article I’ll take you through the average prices of different types of dartboards, and explain the differences between cheap and expensive boards.

The Quick Answer

Dartboards cost around $50-$100 on average. Bristle dartboards start at $30 and range up to $120, and a good quality one will usually cost around $75. Electronic dartboards are more expensive and can range from around $25 up to $250 for a board with more built-in features, games and a cabinet included.

Type of DartboardPrice Range
For Kids$15-$30

Bristle Dartboards

Bristle dartboards cost between $30 and $120. A good quality bristle board with a staple-free design, removable ring and thin wiring will cost around $50 and upwards.

The cost of a bristle (sisal fibre) board will depend on a few factors:

  • Wiring
  • Staples
  • Ring design
  • Bristle density
  • Ink
  • Brand

You should try and look for thin wiring when selecting a dartboard as this will reduce the amount of “bounce-outs”. Generally, the more expensive the board is, the thinner the wiring will be.

The same goes for staples. Lower-priced bristle boards will usually have staples between each section of wire which results in more bounce-outs as the change of the dart hitting the metal rather than the bristles is higher. Most boards will have a staple-free bullseye, but more expensive boards (over $50-$75 depending on the brand) will be staple-free.

The majority of bristle boards will have a removable ring which allows you to rotate the board to reduce the level of wear and tear and help it last longer. However, some entry-level boards from certain brands such as Unicorn, will not have a removable ring. I’d consider this feature essential though so try and stay away from ones that don’t have a removable ring.

The more expensive the board is, the higher the density of sisal fibres will be, as a general rule. For example, the main different between the Winmau Blade and Winmau Blade Dual Core boards is the presence of an extra layer of fibres which means it costs another $20-$30.

Boards that use food-grade ink to dye the fibres will be the best looking and offer better visibility due to their low-glare characteristic. Cheaper boards tend to use cheaper inks which will increase the level of glare.

Different brands offer different priced boards. They usually have several boards in their range, all of which are likely to differ according to the other features described above. Some brands offer slightly better value for money in terms of the board quality and features than others, whilst some have the iconic look you may be after. Here are some of the most popular brands and the price bracket they cater for:

  • Winmau: $35-$120
  • Unicorn: $40-$100
  • Viper: $30-$70

Here is a table to show some examples of popular bristle dartboards and their average price.

DartboardPriceStaple-FreeRemovable Ring
Viper League Sisal Board$35NoYes
Viper Shot King Sisal Board$45YesYes
Viper Dead-On Bristle Board$50YesYes
Unicorn Classic$60NoNo
Unicorn Striker Bristle Boad$70NoYes
Viper Razorback Bristle Board$52YesYes
Winmau Blade Dual Core Champions Choice$95YesYes
Winmau Blade 5 Board$100YesYes
Unicorn Eclipse HD2$110YesYes
Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core$120YesYes

Electronic Dartboards

Electronic dartboards start at around $25 but can range up to $250. For a good-quality electronic dartboard which includes around 30 games, expect to pay around $75-$125. With more expensive boards you are likely to get more games, and other features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

DartboardPriceMax PlayersGames
Arachnid Bullshooter Volt$25821
Unicorn Matrix$38832
Viper Showdown$80832
Unicorn Vanquish$1201628
Viper 850$150850
Viper Solar Blast$2401643

Other Types of Dartboards

You can also find other types of dartboard such as paper, and even magnetic or velcro boards designed for children. These types of boards typically cost around $15-$30 and will usually include 6-12 darts in the price. Here are some examples of different types of dartboards and the average price.

Yesmarks Sticky Dartboard (Velcro)$188 darts
Franklin Sports Paper Dartboard$186 darts
Funsparks Magnetic Dartboard$2512 darts
LinkVisions Paper Dartboard$3012 darts
Theefun Rubber Dartboard$306 darts

Cost of Accessories

If you are purchasing a dartboard for the first time then you’re likely to need some additional equipment and accessories as well. Some dartboards come with these included but most won’t, or will include very basic accessories so it’s probably best to upgrade if you want the best playing experience.

You’ll also need:

  • Darts
  • Dart mat
  • Cabinet or surround

Darts ($25)

There are two options here: soft-tip and steel-tip. For plastic and electronic boards, go with soft-tip and for bristle boards, you’ll need steel-tip darts. It really depends what you want to pay with both options.

You can find a set of steel darts for as little as $5, or as expensive as $200. Generally if you spend over $25 on a set of darts, the chances are you’ll have some pretty good ones. They vary in terms of their weight, feel and look, so it’s important to try some and figure out what qualities equate to the most suitable dart for you.

Dart Mat ($80)

A dart mat is placed on the floor underneath the board and creates a path towards the player. They protect the floor in the event of “bounce-outs” and also protect the darts from the impact. If a steel-tip dart hits hard flooring at an awkward angle, the tip may shear off.

A mat is absolutely necessary when using steel-tip darts and also when using soft-tip darts if you want to stay on the safe-side, whether you’re playing on hard or carpeted flooring. I’ve written an article on everything you need to know about dart mats including some recommendations so check it out if you don’t have one already.

Dart mats vary in price considerably according to the different materials used, but for a decent quality mat, you should expect to pay around $80. It might seem like a lot, especially in comparison to the cost of the board itself, but it’s an investment that’s well worth making.

Cabinet or Surround ($70)

To protect your wall (which is absolutely essential no matter how good your aim is!) you’ll need either a cabinet or a surround for the board. Some boards will come with one included and this usually works out cheaper than purchasing one separately, so if you like the look of it then I’d say go with the package deal.

Purchasing a cabinet separately will set you back around $100, whilst surrounds are much cheaper and cost upwards of $40 for a basic design. You should consider spending a bit more though to give your wall more protection, and a surround that costs roughly $70 should give you that.

Dart Case (optional)

If you have nowhere to store your darts when they’re not in use (and no, the board is definitely not an option!), then you’ll need a case to keep them safe. Thankfully, they’re not too expensive and will usually cost around $15-25.

Total Cost of Getting a Dartboard

So how much can you expect to spend on your entire setup? Here are some breakdowns.

Budget Bristle Dartboard Setup:

  • Dartboard = $50
  • Darts = $20
  • Dart Mat = $50
  • Surround = $40

Total = $160

Premium Bristle Dartboard Setup:

  • Dartboard = $120
  • Darts = $50
  • Dart Mat = $100
  • Cabinet = $100

Total = $370

Budget Electronic Dartboard Setup:

  • Dartboard: $50
  • Darts: $25
  • Surround: $40

Total = $115

Premium Electronic Dartboard Setup

  • Dartboard (includes cabinet) = $150
  • Darts = $50
  • Mat = $100

Total = $300

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