DHS Hurricane Rubber Range Compared: Which Version is Best?

DHS Hurricane table tennis rubbers are some of the most popular in the world, with many professionals opting for this sticky Chinese rubber to give them maximum spin capability. If you’re looking to buy some DHS Hurricane, then you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the choice available and wonder which version is best for you. In this article, I’ll directly compare all the types of DHS Hurricane so you can work out which one will best suit your playing style.

Range Overview

There are three main types of DHS Hurricane rubber:

  • Hurricane 2
  • Hurricane 3
  • Hurricane 8

Hurricane 2 vs Hurricane 3

Hurricane 2 was the original version, whereas Hurricane 3 is newer. DHS Hurricane 2 rubber is harder to use for most players compared to Hurricane 3. Hurricane 2 offers excellent power and spin but only suits very experienced players, Hurricane 3 is slightly easier to use.

Hurricane 8

DHS Hurricane 8 comes with a medium-hard sponge and is the stickiest type of Hurricane rubber and performs the best when not boosted. However, compared to boosted Hurricane 2 and 3, Hurricane 8 will not offer as much speed and spin. If you are not going to be boosting the rubber, then DHS Hurricane 8 is the best option.

Variants (E.g. Neo, Provincial and National)

There are also variants of each of these main types:

  • Commercial: these are the standard versions e.g. DHS Hurricane 3
  • Neo: same rubber top-sheet but a medium-hard sponge (more speed and spin) e.g. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo
  • Provincial: same sponge but a tackier rubber top-sheet (more speed and spin) e.g. DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial
  • Neo Provincial: uses the Neo sponge and Provincial rubber top-sheet e.g. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial
  • National: the most expensive type with the highest quality and durability e.g. DHS Hurricane 3 National

There are also a couple of other types such as the Hurricane 3-50 Soft which has a softer sponge to make it easier to control and the Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard which has a harder sponge which gives it more spin and speed.

Here is a table showing the different types of Hurricane rubber and the variants available for each type. The only other variants to consider are Blue Sponge and Orange Sponge. The Blue Sponge variants are harder which offers more power and speed and are usually used by professional players/

2Commercial (DHS Hurricane 2) and DHS Hurricane 2 Neo
3Commercial (DHS Hurricane 3), DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial, DHS Hurricane 3 Neo, DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial, DHS Hurricane 3 National, DHS Hurricane 3-50 Soft

Hurricane 2 NEO

Hurricane 3 NEO

Hurricane 8

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Best Hurricane Rubber for Spin

The best version of DHS Hurricane for spin is Hurricane 3 National. This is the most consistent rubber in the range with an extremely high level of spin capability. DHS Hurricane 3-50 Soft has the lowest spin capability of all the DHS Hurricane rubbers due to its softer sponge.

It’s also important to consider how easy it is to apply spin to the ball, as well as the maximum spin capability. Softer sponges such as the 3-50 may produce more spin when less force is applied compared to a harder sponge such as the one found on the Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard version.

Professional players hit the ball much harder than amateurs which means they can produce more spin with a harder sponge, since is has a higher capability. But for beginners, a softer sponge may feel more “spinny”.

DHS RubberSpin Rating (out of 10)
Hurricane 3-50 Soft9.4
Hurricane 29.5
Hurricane 2 NEO9.6
Hurricane 39.6
Hurricane 3 NEO9.7
Hurricane 3 Provincial9.8
Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial9.9
Hurricane 89.9
Hurricane 3 National10.0
Comparing the spin capability of DHS Hurricane table tennis rubbers

Best Hurricane Rubber for Speed

Although DHS Hurricane rubbers are best known for their high spin capability, they are also fast rubbers do to their hardness. The harder the rubber, the faster is is because more power is generated when the ball hits the paddle. DHS Hurricane 3 National is the fastest Hurricane rubber, whilst Hurricane 3-50 Soft is the slowest rubber.

DHS RubberSpeed Rating (out of 10)
Hurricane 3-50 Soft8.0
Hurricane 38.1
Hurricane 28.2
Hurricane 3 NEO8.2
Hurricane 2 NEO8.3
Hurricane 3 Provincial8.5
Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial8.5
Hurricane 88.5
Hurricane 3 National8.5
Comparing the speed of DHS Hurricane table tennis rubbers

Comparing Control Ratings

It can be difficult to determine which rubber is the easiest to control. In general, most players find that softer rubbers are more forgiving and easier to control, so are more suited to lower level players. Professionals generally prefer a harder rubber because it offers more speed and spin, and the fact it is harder to control is not an issue for players with such extensive experience. Here’s a table to outline some approximately control ratings of each type of Hurricane rubber.

DHS RubberControl (out of 10)
Hurricane 28.9
Hurricane 2 NEO9.1
Hurricane 3 National9.6
Hurricane 3-50 Soft9.7
Hurricane 39.7
Hurricane 3 Provincial9.7
Hurricane 3 NEO9.7
DHS Hurricane NEO Provincial9.9
DHS Hurricane 810.0
Comparing the control rating of DHS Hurricane table tennis rubbers according to user survey

Price Comparison

The cheapest DHS Hurricane rubbers are the standard commercial versions which usually cost around $30-$40. The Provincial versions of Hurricane are better quality and more durable so usually cost around $60. The National version is the most expensive and costs around $75.

DHS RubberAverage Price
Hurricane 2/ Neo$30
Hurricane 3/ Neo$30
Hurricane 3-50$35
Hurricane 8$40
Hurricane 3 Provincial/ Neo Provincial$60
Hurricane 3 National$75


DHS Hurricane rubbers are very durable and typically last between 120 and 150 hours of playing. The most durable version is the National version as this is the highest quality, followed by the Provincial versions and then finally the Commercial versions are the least durable.

DHS RubberApprox. Durability
Hurricane 3-50 Soft120 hours
Hurricane 8120 hours
Hurricane 3/ NEO125 hours
Hurricane 2/ NEO125 hours
Hurricane 3 Provincial140 hours
DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial140 hours
Hurricane 3 National150 hours
Data generated using a combination of user ratings and anecdotal experiences to give an approx. durability for comparison

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