Dart Grip Wax 101: Getting More Grip on Your Darts

Dart grip wax is a popular accessory and a great way to give you some more grip on the barrel. In this article, I’ll explain exactly what grip wax is, the advantages, how to use it and some of the best waxes available.

What is Dart Grip Wax?

Dart grip wax comes in a small bar or tub and is rubbed between the fingers to increase the player’s grip control on the barrel of the dart. The wax has a hard consistency and is usually kept in the player’s pocket throughout the game so it can be easily applied when needed.

Grip wax is useful if you are suffering from sweaty hands and are struggling to hold your dart without it slipping. A lack of grip on the dart can cause players to hold the barrel more tightly to stop it slipping. This is a problem because it creates a lot of tension and to throw the dart accurately with good technique, the player should have relaxed muscles.

Using grip wax also helps a player to maintain a consistent grip between shots. Consistency is the key to success in darts, so many pub-level and professional players will use wax to give them a slight edge and help them keep their shots as consistent as possible.

Grip Wax Details:

  • Weighs approximately 8-10 grams
  • Usually circular or oval shaped
  • Roughly 12 x 8 x 1.5 cm so easily fits in a pocket
  • Comes in a wide-range of colours
  • Some varieties are scented

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Do I Need Grip Wax?

Whether you need dart grip wax or not will depend on the following factors:

  • The type of barrel your darts have
  • The texture or the skin on your fingertips
  • How sweaty your hands get

Different dart barrels have different levels of grip, with some having quite a smooth and slippery surface and others being quite textured. The more textured the barrel is, the less likely a player is to need grip wax because the surface of the barrel itself may provide enough grip.

The grip on the barrel will also wear down over-time. Tungsten darts are more durable, but brass and steel darts are softer so whenever you grip the barrel, you will wear it down slightly and make it smoother. Hence, if you’ve had your darts for over a year, you’re more likely to need to use grip wax than if you just purchased a new set of barrels.

If the skin on your fingertips is quite rough, then you may get away with not waxing them to increase your grip. However, if you moisturise quite often and have smooth skin, then you’ll probably need to wax your fingertips to get a proper grip on your darts.

I mentioned this earlier, but if you suffer from sweaty hands then grip wax can be pretty essential. You might not need it when practicing at home, however if you’re in a game situation and are feeling the pressure, your hands can start to get sweaty quite quickly. If you find this happening, I recommend using grip wax at home as well as in the game to keep the grip consistent so your training translates into a match situation.

Alternatives to Grip Wax

You can get liquid chalks which are applied directly to the hands for extra control. These types of product are popular other sports such as tennis and golf but are also used by some darts players. They’re particularly useful if you find that your hands are getting sweaty and it’s affecting your grip. One of the best options is the SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can use Rosin cloth or powdered chalk to combat sweat and increase your grip. Powdered chalk tends to be a bit messy but is an affordable and cheap option. A better alternative is the Forrest Darter Rosin Bag on Amazon which is great for grip but not nearly as messy.

How to Apply Dart Grip Wax

Grip wax usually come a small soap-bar shape or in a tiny container. You simply need to rub your fingertips lightly on the wax for a few seconds in a circular motion to apply the grip wax to your fingertips. You do not need to apply grip wax all over your hands, just on the tips of fingers you grip with.

You also do not apply the grip wax directly to the dart. This is unnecessary and can also cause your darts to feel quite strange and builds up to the point where the darts need cleaning very frequently. If there is too much build up of the wax, the darts can actually start to feel slipperier than without any wax at all.

Some waxes may need to be warmed up slightly if they are very hard to make it easier to apply to your fingers. Keeping the wax in your pocket is a good way to keep the wax reasonably warm so it’s good to go whenever you need it. Alternatively, you can rub it between the palms of your hands very quickly to make it a bit warmer before application.

How Long Does it Last?

Most players only need to use grip wax a couple of times during a match to maintain a good level of grip the entire way through the darts game. However, professionals such as Phil Taylor have often been seen applying grip wax before every single set of throws. You do not need to do it this often, but if you feel that it is beneficial then it will not do any harm, and grip wax is very cheap and you don’t need much of it per application either.

Best Dart Grip Wax

One of the best dart grip waxes available is the Red Dragon Darts Finger Grip Wax. It’s long-lasting, very cheap and can be easily stored in your pocket. This wax comes in a pack of two, with a green and red piece. They are both a good level of hardness meaning that the wax is easy to apply without overusing it and getting greasy hands. Check it out on Amazon.

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