Complete Guide to Pool Cue Wraps: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking to buy a pool cue then you’ve probably noticed that a lot of them come with “wraps”, but what are they and do you need one? In this article, I’ll take you through the pros and cons of wraps and the different types so you know exactly where to go from here.

What is a Cue Wrap?

Pool cue wraps are designed to give the player more grip on the opposite hand to their bridge hand, and to protect the cue itself. Cue wraps are are usually around 13-14″ in length and are placed a few inches from the butt of the cue. They are typically made from either rubber, leather or linen.

Types of Cue Wraps

There are three main types of pool cue wraps:

  1. Rubber
  2. Leather
  3. Irish Linen


Rubber pool cue wraps offer maximum grip so make a good choice for players who want the most stable and tight grip on the cue, or may suffer from sweaty hands whilst playing. They are the cheapest type of wrap but usually look the least premium and offer more basic designs.

Rubber cue wrap (image links to Amazon)


There are two main types of leather pool cue wraps: standard and stacked. Standard leather wraps consist of a single sheet of leather, whereas stacked wraps use multiple strips of leather. Leather wraps look very premium and offer very good grip. They do however need cleaning quite often, as the leather will absorb the sweat and oils from your hands which needs removing to avoid the wrap looking shiny and feeling sticky.

Leather cue wrap (image links to Amazon)

Irish Linen

Irish Linen cue wraps offer unique designs and a premium look, however they are the least popular type as they can feel quite slippery which puts many players off them. They also are more difficult to clean compared to leather and rubber wraps which can be more easily wiped down.

Irish linen wrapped cue (image links to Amazon)

Here’s a table comparing the key features of each type of cue wrap.

Factor to ConsiderWhich Type of Cue Wrap is Best?
GripRubber wraps offer the most grip, followed by leather and then Irish linen
PriceRubber wraps are the cheapest, followed by leather and then Irish linen
AestheticsLeather and Irish linen wraps look more premium compared to rubber grips
CleaningIrish linen wraps often look the dirtiest more quickly, followed by leather and then rubber wraps
InstallationRubber wraps are easier and faster to install than leather and linen wraps

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Pros and Cons

Wrapping a pool cue is a personal choice, and wrapped cues are not necessarily better or worse than cues without a wrap. Each option has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wrapping a pool cue.

Advantages of Cue Wraps

  • Cue wraps typically offer more grip than standard cues which are not wrapped. This is particularly true when using leather or rubber wraps, making them a good option for players who have sweatier hands.
  • They also give you the chance to customise your cue and give it a unique finish which is great if your cue doesn’t have a very interesting design.
  • Wraps protect the finish of the cue underneath and can be replaced if damaged.

Disadvantages of Cue Wraps

  • Some players find that rubber and leather wraps offer too much grip and prefer the feel of the cue. Most good cues have a different finish on the butt compared to the shaft, giving the player a good level of grip and sometimes making wraps unnecessary.
  • Players with smaller hands may prefer un-wrapped cues because wraps make the cue diameter wider.
  • Wraps add an additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to come questions you may still have a about pool cue wraps.

Can you get a pool cue wrapped?

Un-wrapped pool cues can be wrapped and you can also replace the wrap if necessary. Wrapping a pool cue is a very simple process, you just need to buy the wrap itself and then you can install it by sliding it down the cue starting at the tip for rubber wraps.

Should I get a pool cue wrap?

You should consider getting a leather or rubber pool cue wrap if you find that you do not have enough grip on the cue. Wraps are also beneficial as they protect the cue underneath and can be easily replaced if damaged. Some players also purchase wraps if they want to customise the look of their cue.

How do you clean pool cue wraps?

A linen pool cue wrapped can be cleaned by using rubbing alcohol, a dedicated fabric cleaner or mild soapy water and either a cloth or paper towels. Rubber pool cue wraps can be cleaned using mild soapy water and a cloth. Leather pool cue wraps should be cleaned with a dedicated leather cleaner and a microfiber cloth and then a leather sealant should be applied to protect the leather and keep it cleaner.

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