Cheap vs Expensive Pool Balls: Are Aramith Balls Worth It?

If you’ve recently purchased a pool table, then you’re probably wondering if the Aramith balls that everyone talks about are worth the upgrade from the standard set that comes with most tables. In this article, I’ll compare the pros and cons of cheap and expensive Aramith pool balls so you can decide if they’re right for you.

Cheap vs Aramith Pool Balls

Aramith pool balls offer better durability and a more superior playing experience compared to cheaper pool balls so most casual players and all professionals usually use Aramith balls. More expensive Aramith balls also have a shinier finish and have more vibrant colours compared to cheaper alternatives.

Cheap Pool Balls

Inexpensive, entry-level pool ball sets are made from polyester and usually cost around $30-$40. The issue with cheaper sets of pool balls is that they are not as durable and consistent as more expensive balls made of resin. Cheaper pool balls also have a duller finish.


  • Lack of consistency in terms of the weight and sphericity, meaning some shots may be inaccurate
  • Softer material results in a slower hit that can feel more numb and poorer durability
  • Dull colours and more of a matte finish


  • Cheap to replace

Advantages of More Expensive Aramith Billiard Balls

Aramith balls are made in Belgium and are superior compared to cheaper balls because they are made from phenolic resin which is harder so offers more durability and they are also more consistently shaped and have a shinier finish with more vibrant colours compared to inexpensive pool balls.

Consistent Shape

Aramith Billiard Balls are manufactured to the highest standards which means the balls are all very consistent. The stringent quality control procedures means the balls are all perfectly spherical and the same weight and diameter. This means that the same shot will produce the same results every time, unlike when you use cheaper balls which aren’t completely consistent.

The consistency of Aramith balls comes from their highly detailed manufacturing process which includes 13-steps and takes 23 days to complete.

Harder and More Durable

Aramith balls are made from phenolic resin which is very hard and strong which is a good thing for both the durability, and the feeling of the shot. Aramith balls are harder than cheaper polyester balls, which gives them a cleaner feeling when you strike the cue ball. Cheaper balls are also much gripper so when the cue ball hits the object ball, the hit is far less clean.

Although Aramith balls are around 4x the price of standard pool balls, the durability is approximately 5-8x better, meaning that Aramith balls often work out more cost-effective over a longer period of time. Each ball has an impact of over 4 million hits. So if you hit the same ball 5 times in each game, they’d last approximately 800,000 games. Aramith balls are designed to last for approximately 40 years of use.

Shiny and Vibrant

One of the easiest way to tell if a ball is an Aramith Billiard Ball, is to look at the finish. Aramith balls are much glossier and have more vibrant colours compared to inexpensive balls. The finish is also more durable and will not fade over time like cheaper sets.

Pool balls can fade if they are exposed to sunlight, but often it’s burn spots that ruin the finish of them. Pool balls are put under a lot of heat-stress when they move on the cloth very quickly which causes a lot of friction. Cheaper balls often have “burn spots” on them which are areas where the heat has lightened the finish. Aramith balls are burn-spot resistant and can resist up to 250°C friction temperatures.

Certified Quality

Aramith pool ball sets all come with a certified quality certificate to ensure they meet the standards in:

  • Roundness
  • Balance
  • Diameter
  • Density
  • Weight
  • Brilliance
  • Colour

Used in Professional Tournaments

Aramith Billiards Balls are used exclusively in pretty much every professional tournament pool tournament and by professional players. For decades, Aramith have been the leaders in the pool ball industry and are used by over 85% of players worldwide.

Are They Worth It?

In most cases, Aramith Billiard Balls are worth the extra investment compared to cheaper pool ball sets. Aramith balls are longer-lasting so will often save money in the long term. Aramith balls also offer a much better playing experience due to their more consistent shape, as well as a nicer looking finish.

Check out my complete guide to pool equipment to make sure you get everything you need to get the best playing experience.

Which Aramith Balls are the Best?

Aramith make several types of pool balls to cater for different budgets and requirements:

  • Tournament
  • Super Pro
  • Premium
  • Premier


  • 3 colours: TV, regular and black
  • Black ring around the numbers
  • Most expensive
  • Most durable: Duramith technology increases lifespan by 50%

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Super Pro

  • 2 colours: TV, regular and black
  • Dotted cue ball
  • Widely used in pro tournaments
  • Second-most expensive

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  • Classic design
  • Uses Vitrotech technology to offer more durability
  • Great for home-use

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  • Classic design
  • Least expensive
  • Great for home-use

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What is the Difference Between Aramith Premier and Premium Pool Balls?

Aramith Premium balls are slightly more expensive and better quality than Aramith Premier balls. Aramith Premium balls go through more quality control checks and use Vitrotech technology which is a heat-curing process designed to maximise durability. Aramith Premier balls do not use Vitrotech technology.

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