Can an Indoor Ping Pong Table Be Used Outside or in a Garage?

Many indoor ping pong table owners want to put their tables outside for a nice summer BBQ, or in the garage to keep it out of the way and avoid cluttering up the living spaces, but are these acceptable places to use and store a table tennis table?

In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about using an indoor ping pong table outside or in a garage.

An indoor ping pong table should not be stored or used outside as the playing surface is not environmentally resistant and will warp easily. Indoor ping pong tables can be stored and used in a garage as long as it is free from excessive humidity and extreme temperature changes.

Indoor vs Outdoor Tables

Indoor and outdoor ping pong tables have different playing surfaces and frames. Outdoor ping pong tables usually have a resin, metal or concrete surface with a metal frame so they are weather-resistant, whereas indoor tables usually are made from wood which is not resistant to the environment.

Playing SurfaceWoodResin, metal, concrete
Surface Thickness12-25 mm2.5-9 mm
Typical Frame MaterialWood or metalMetal

Issues With Using an Indoor Ping Pong Table Outside

The main issue with using an indoor ping pong table outside is that it is likely to be exposed to rain and excessive humidity which can warp the playing surface because it is made from wood. Outdoor ping pong tables have more resistant tops which do not suffer when they get wet.

Using and storing an indoor ping pong table in a garage can be a problem if the humidity is high, or it is not temperature-controlled. Frequent temperature and humidity fluctuations will cause the playing surface to warp and potentially break down over time.

Water Damage

Rain will cause an indoor ping pong table surface to absorb water and consequently warp leading to an inconsistent playing surface. It can in some cases cause the table surface to even break down and essentially crumble and crack which will render the table useless.

If any rain gets on the metal components of the frame, this can also promote rusting on cheaper tables.

Outdoor tables with a wooden surface should not get wet, but metal and concrete surfaces will be able to withstand the impact of rain.

Check out my article discussing how waterproof ping pong tables are to learn more.

Humidity Changes

Indoor ping pong tables are more prone to warping than outdoor tables. Excessive humidity, or frequently changes in the humidity levels (common when using a table outside) will cause the table to warp at the edges causing it to have an uneven surface.

This means that the ball will not bounce consistently all over the table which can really ruin the playing experience. The thicker the table surface, the less likely this is to happen, but indoor tables are simply not designed to deal with high humidity.


Indoor ping pong tables are likely to get bleached by the sun if they are left or stored outside for extended periods of time. This means that the table surface will become lighter and the colours will be less vibrant, leading to the surface looking dull and tired. If you want to keep your table looking fresh, then you’ll need to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Where Can the Table Go?

So where exactly can you put an indoor ping pong table? Well, there are two factors to consider here: storage and usage. Tables get stored for much longer periods of time than they are used for, and most indoor tables fold so they can be put away neatly.

It is not recommended to store or use an indoor ping pong table outside. Whilst the table will likely be okay to use outside infrequently and in moderate temperatures and low-humidity, indoor tables are not designed for outdoor use and it will decrease the lifespan of the table. Indoor ping pong tables should never be stored outside as this will cause them to warp very quickly.

Ping pong tables can be stored and used in a garage as long as the humidity is low and the temperature is moderate and similar to inside the home. If the garage is not temperature controlled or can get very humid, then it is not recommended to store or use the table there.

How to Protect a Ping Pong Table from the Environment

If you’re storing your ping pong table in a garage then there are a few things you can do to prevent it being exposed to high-humidity.

  • Protect your table with a cover and only remove this when the table is in use.
  • Fold and store the table out of the way when not in use.
  • Use a dehumidifier periodically to remove excess moisture from the air.
  • Avoid storing the ping pong table in a garage with a washer or dryer.

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