Butterfly vs Stiga vs JOOLA Ping Pong Tables: Which Brand is Best?

If you’re looking for a good quality ping pong table then models by Butterfly, Stiga and Joola probably cropping up in your search. These are some of the best brands in the table tennis business and they’re all great ones to look at if you’re looking for quality and value for money.

In this article, I’ll compare Butterfly, Stiga and Joola tables so you can decide which is the best brand to go with.

The Quick Answer

Stiga are the best brand compared to Butterfly and Joola in terms of value for money as they offer thicker tops at lower prices. Butterfly and Joola are best for very high-end tables and when considering the most expensive table in the range, they are a better overall quality compared to Stiga.

With all three brands, you’ll get a good quality table which is built to last. It’s best to look at each model individually rather than the brands as a whole in order to make sure you choose the best option.

What to Look For in a Ping Pong Table

Since all the tables from Butterfly, Joola and Stiga are good quality, you should look more at the features and the price when making your choice. In the next section, I’ll help you identify the best models in your budget, but you need to consider what specifications your looking for in a table.

Here are my main recommendations:

  • Look for the thickest top in your budget. I’ve written a full guide to ping pong table top thicknesses here if you want some guidelines but the general rule is that thicker tops result in a better playing experience.
  • The bigger the wheels are the better. Whilst 2″ wheels will help you get the table from A to B, bigger wheels are more durable and less likely to get damaged.
  • Consider the frame size and material. Thicker frames not only look more premium but also mean the table is more robust. The only downside is that it will add some extra weight.
  • Look at what accessories the table comes with. Paddles and balls are useful, but you’ll always get better quality ones if you purchase them separately, but make sure the table comes with a decent net.
  • More premium tables usually have extra features such as built-in storage, ball dispensers and adjustable legs for uneven ground which can be very handy.

The Ranges

It’s hard to compare table tennis brands as a whole as they have such large ranges. In order to give you some more useful information, in the next section I’ll compare all the main ping pong table models from each brand so you can get an idea of which models are best suited to you and then you can look at them more closely once you’ve narrowed down your search.

The section is split into the following categories:

  • Mid-Size Tables
  • Indoor Tables
  • Outdoor Tables

Each category includes a table to show all the main models at the time of writing in each brands range so you can get an idea of which tables are comparable within your budget.

Mid-Size Tables

If you want a space-saving mid-size table then Joola and Stiga are the best options to look for. Joola’s cheapest table, the Midsize Sport has some good specifications so is the best option for most people and spending much more isn’t likely to pay off.

Butterfly’s offering in this category is comparatively expensive and although slightly larger, has a thinner top which results in a less consistent bounce compared to the 16 mm tops found on Joola’s and Stiga’s mid-sized tables.

Ping Pong TableSizeTop ThicknessAverage Price
JOOLA Midsize Sport72” x 36” x 30”16 mm$170
Stiga Space Saver71 x 40.5 x 30”16 mm$250
JOOLA Midsize72” x 36” x 30”16 mm$260
Butterfly Junior81 x 45 x 30”12 mm$500
JOOLA vs Stiga vs Butterfly Mid-Size Ping Pong Tables

Indoor Tables Under $500

Stiga offer the best value for money when looking at full-size tables under $500 compared to Joola. Unfortunately, Butterfly don’t offer any full-size tables under $500 at the time of writing. The best options here in my opinion are the Stiga Volt and Stiga Advantage. The 16 mm top on these tables offers a great playing experience despite the low price point.

Ping Pong TableTop ThicknessWheel SizeAverage Price
Stiga Advance/ Force/ Impact/ Legacy/ ST210013 mm2”$350
Stiga Volt/ Goldstar16 mmNone$400
Stiga Advantage Lite13 mm2”$400
Stiga Advantage16 mm3”$470
JOOLA Inside 1313 mm3”$480
Stiga ST310019 mm3”$500
Stiga ST360016 mm3”$500
JOOLA vs Stiga vs Butterfly Ping Pong Tables Under $500

Indoor Tables Between $500-$800

The top pick in this price bracket has to be the Stiga ST4100 with its tournament-grade 25 mm top which offers a professional level playing experience despite it’s low price. When looking at Joola and Butterfly, the top thickness is pretty poor compared to Stiga’s offerings.

Ping Pong TableTop ThicknessWheel SizeAverage Price
Stiga STS18519 mm3”$550
Stiga Advantage Pro19 mm4”$600
JOOLA Tour 1500/ Rapid Play 150/ Inside 1515 mm3”$630
Stiga ST410025 mm5”$700
JOOLA Noctis19 mm3”$750
JOOLA Inside 18/ Rapid Play 180/ Tour 180018 mm3”$790
Stiga STS38519 mm5”$800
Butterfly Compact 1616 mmNone$800
Butterfly Active 1919 mm2”$800
JOOLA vs Stiga vs Butterfly Ping Pong Tables Between $500 and $800

Indoor Tables Between $800-$1000

Tables in this price bracket don’t offer much more than the cheaper Stiga ST4100 discussed above. However, you do start to see thicker tops from Joola and Butterfly here so it may be worth stepping up to this price point if you’re looking for a table from either of these two brands.

Ping Pong TableTop ThicknessWheel SizeAverage Price
Butterfly Playback 1919 mm5”$825
Butterfly Easifold 1616 mm3”$850
JOOLA Rapid Play 250/ Tour 2500/ Inside 2525 mm4”$875
Butterfly Compact 1919 mmNone$880
Butterfly Personal 1919 mm5”$900
Butterfly Timo Boll Joylite16 mmNone$900
Stiga Onyx25 mm3”$900
Butterfly Easifold 1919 mm3”$950
Butterfly Active 19 Deluxe19 mm2”$1000
Stiga STS52025 mm5”$1000
JOOLA vs Stiga vs Butterfly Ping Pong Tables Between $800 and $1000

Indoor Tables Between $1250-$1750

This is where things start getting much more premium. Tables in this price bracket have a much sturdier frame and larger wheels making them easier to transport. Again, Stiga have some excellent options here such as the Expert Roller with its 25 mm top and 4″ wheels and the Optimum 30 with it’s super thick 30 mm top.

Disappointingly, at the time of writing Joola does not offer any 25 mm top tables in this price bracket, and Butterfly’s only options are the fairly expensive National League 25 and Club 25.

Ping Pong TableTop ThicknessWheel SizeAverage Price
Butterfly Easifold DX 2222 mm3”$1280
Stiga Expert Roller25 mm4”$1300
Butterfly Timo Boll Repulse16 mm4”$1325
JOOLA 2000-S22 mmNone$1350
Stiga Optimum 3030 mm4”$1400
JOOLA Duomat22 mm5”$1500
Butterfly Premium 1919 mm4”$1550
Butterfly Easyplay 2222 mm5”$1550
JOOLA Falcon Indoor22 mm6”$1600
Butterfly National League 25/ Club 2525 mm4”$1600
Butterfly Space Saver 2222 mm3”$1650
Butterfly Match 2222 mm4”$1650
JOOLA Rollomat22 mm4”$1700
JOOLA vs Stiga vs Butterfly Ping Pong Tables Between $1250 and $1750

Indoor Tables Over $1750

If you’re looking for a very premium table then Butterfly is usually the best option to go for with a few different styles to suit different tastes. If you’re looking for a table in this price bracket then make sure it has a 25 mm top as otherwise you’ll be overpaying in my opinion.

Ping Pong TableTop ThicknessWheel SizeAverage Price
Stiga Premium Compact25 mm5”$1800
JOOLA Madeira Indoor22 mm6”$1800
Butterfly Nippon 2222 mm5”$1875
Butterfly Europa 2525 mm5”$1980
JOOLA 3000SC Pro25 mm5”$2100
Butterfly Octet25 mm4”$2100
Butterfly Centrefold 2525 mm5″$2500
JOOLA vs Stiga vs Butterfly Ping Pong Tables Over $1750

Outdoor Tables

If you’re looking for a more affordable outdoor table then Stiga and Joola are the brands to look at. If you are looking for a thicker top for a better playing experience then the Joola Outdoor TR is an excellent choice. Butterfly offer quite a few outdoor tables but they only cater for more hefty budgets.

Ping Pong TableTop ThicknessWheelsAverage Price
Stiga Vapor/ XTR6 mmYes$600
JOOLA Outdoor6 mmYes$600
JOOLA Rapid Play Outdoor6 mmYes$660
Stiga XTR Pro6 mmYes$700
JOOLA Nova Pro Plus6 mmYes$870
JOOLA Outdoor TR22 mmYes$940
Butterfly Compact Outdoor12 mmYes$1060
Butterfly Easifold Outdoor12 mmYes$1100
Butterfly Playback Outdoor5 mmYes$1150
Butterfly Park Outdoor6 mmNo$1725
Butterfly Timo Boll Crossline Outdoor5 mmYes$1875
JOOLA Externa22 mmNo$3000
JOOLA City22 mmNo$4000
JOOLA vs Stiga vs Butterfly Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

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