Butterfly Tenergy vs Dignics Table Tennis Rubber: Which is Best?

Butterfly make some of the best table tennis rubber in the world so it’s no surprise that it’s used by many professional players. Two of their most popular rubber ranges are Tenergy and Dignics, but which is the best choice for you?

I’ll be comparing the two Butterfly rubbers in terms of their speed, spin, control, durability and price so you can decide which to buy.

The Quick Answer

Butterfly Tenergy and Dignics are both high-performance table tennis rubbers with excellent spin and power.

Butterfly Dignics rubbers have a harder sponge and grippier top sheet so typically offer more power and spin capability than Butterfly Tenergy rubbers which make it easier to apply spin. Butterfly Dignics rubbers suit close distance players, whereras Tenergy suits mid-distance players.

Butterfly TenergyButterfly Dignics
Good for mid-long distanceGood for close distance
Softer rubberHarder rubber
Smoother feelGrippier feel
Less power and speedMore power and speed
Less spin capabilityMore spin capability
Easier to generate spinMore force required to generate spin
Slightly cheaperSlightly more expensive
Butterfly Tenergy vs Butterfly Dignics ranges

Butterfly Tenergy 05 (image links to Amazon)

Butterfly Dignics 05 (image links to Amazon)

Butterfly Tenergy Overview

The Butterfly Tenergy range of rubbers is best known for its high speed and spin capabilities, making it one of the most popular options for professionals looking for a tensor-style pimples-in table tennis rubber. There are 10 different types of Tenergy rubber which differ slightly in terms of their sponge hardness and pimple distribution.

The range is split into 5 main type and then into subtypes. Here are the 5 main types:

  • Tenergy 05
  • Tenergy 19
  • Tenergy 25
  • Tenergy 64
  • Tenergy 80

All types of Tenergy have an FX variant, except for Tenergy 19. Tenergy FX rubbers have a softer sponge to make it easier to control but slower and with less spin capability. The FX variants are aimed more towards lower level players who will benefit from the softer sponge, whereas the standard variants are harder to use but offer maximum performance so best suit more experienced players. Tenergy 05 also has a hard variant which adds more speed but less spin and control than the standard 05 variant.

Although all the Tenergy rubbers offer very good speed and spin, some excel more than others for different styles.

  • Tenergy 25 suits players who are positioned close to the table
  • Tenergy 05,19 and 80 suit players who are positioned mid distance from the table
  • Tenergy 64 suits players who are positioned further from the table

Check out my full comparison of all the different types of Butterfly Tenergy rubber to help decide which is the best option for you.

Butterfly Dignics Overview

Butterfly Dignics rubbers are marketed as high performance in terms of both spin and power (speed). The range consists of 4 types of rubber which all have a pimples-in design, similar to Tenergy.

Types of Butterfly Dignics:

  • Dignics 05: focused on spin capability
  • Dignics 09c: plays more like a Chinese rubber with a sticker surface
  • Dignics 64: focused on high speed
  • Dignics 80: best all-rounder

Dignics 05

Dignics 09c

Dignics 64

Dignics 80

Images link to Amazon

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Which Rubber is the Fastest?

Butterfly Tenergy and Dignics are both considered very fast rubbers due to their high-tension which creates a trampoline effective when the ball hits it, giving the player a lot of power to work with.

Butterfly Dignics rubbers are generally faster than Butterfly Tenergy table tennis rubbers. Butterfly Dignics 64 is the fastest rubber in the range, scoring higher for speed compared to all Butterfly Tenergy and other Dignics rubbers.

Here is a table showing all the speed ratings of each type of Tenergy and Dignics. These ratings are assigned by Butterfly, however they need to be taken with a slight pinch of salt. Butterfly give the same ratings to the FX variants of the Tenergy rubbers as the standard versions.

However, when reading what Butterfly say about the FX variants, you’d expect them to have a lower speed rating and not the same rating.

Butterfly RubberSpeed
Dignics 09c13
Tenergy 05 Hard13
Tenergy 1913
Tenergy 0513
Tenergy 05 FX13
Tenergy 8013.25
Tenergy 80 FX13.25
Tenergy 2513.25
Tenergy 25 FX13.25
Dignics 0513.5
Tenergy 6413.5
Tenergy 64 FX13.5
Dignics 8013.75
Dignics 6414
Speed ratings of Butterfly Tenergy and Dignics

Which Rubber has the Most Spin?

Butterfly Dignics rubbers offer more spin than Butterfly Tenergy rubbers when comparing the ranges. Butterfly Dignics 09c offers the most spin as it is a tackier rubber compared to the other Dignics and Tenergy rubbers. Both Dignics and Tenergy offer very high levels of spin capability.

It’s also worth noting that the spin capability isn’t the only factor we need to consider here. Some rubbers have a higher spin capability, but make it more difficult to actually apply the spin. For some players who do not put as much force or power into the shot may find that they can generate more spin from a rubber with a lower spin capability.

Take the Tenergy FX versions as an example. Although they have less spin capability, their softer sponge makes it easier to generate spin. Here’s a graph to help illustrate this point.

Here is a table showing all the spin ratings of each type of Tenergy and Dignics. Although the Butterfly ratings suggest that Dignics rubbers offer the most spin, many players find that this isn’t the case. A lot of players feel that Tenergy 05 for example offers more spin than Dignics 05 for serving and opening spin.

Butterfly RubberSpin
Tenergy 6410.5
Tenergy 64 FX10.5
Dignics 6411
Tenergy 1911
Tenergy 2511
Tenergy 25 FX11
Tenergy 8011.25
Tenergy 80 FX13.25
Tenergy 05 Hard11.5
Tenergy 0511.5
Tenergy 05 FX11.5
Dignics 8011.75
Dignics 0512
Dignics 09c13
Speed ratings of Butterfly Tenergy and Dignics

Which Rubber Offers the Most Control?

Butterfly Dignics rubbers are more grippy compared to Tenergy rubbers which often means that players find Dignics easier to control since the ball has a longer contact time with the rubber. This increased grip makes Dignics a more forgiving rubber compared to Tenergy where the ball catapults off the paddle faster. This also makes Dignics an effective rubber for blocking.

However, when considering the FX versions of Tenergy rubbers, these usually come out on top when considering the level of control offered. Tenergy FX rubbers have a softer sponge which means the ball has a longer dwell time and makes it easier to control and block for most players. These rubbers typically suit more defensive styles of play, or players who do not hit the ball with as much force.

Looking for something easier to control? Check out my comparison between Butterfly Tenergy and Rozena.

Which Rubber is the Most Durable?

Butterfly Tenergy and Dignics rubbers have a similar level of durability. Both types of rubber are very durable and typically last around 120-130 hours of use before the player should consider replacing them. Dignics 80 and Tenergy 25 are generally slightly more durable than the rest of the range. Check out this table for a rough comparison.

Butterfly RubberAverage Durability
Tenergy 19120 hours
Dignics 64120 hours
Dignics 09c120 hours
Tenergy 05125 hours
Tenergy 80125 hours
Tenergy 64125 hours
Dignics 05125 hours
Tenergy 25125 hours
Dignics 80130 hours
Data generated using a combination of user ratings and anecdotal experiences to give an approx. durability for comparison

Which Rubber is Best for You?

Dignics and Tenergy are both performance rubbers aimed at players who want to compete at a high-level. They offer excellent speed and spin, but are catered towards slightly different types of players. Butterfly Tenergy has a higher arc so suits players who stand further from the table, whereas Dignics suits players who play closer to the table with a counter-attacking style.

Which Professional Players Use Tenergy and Dignics?

Butterfly RubbersProfessional Players Who Have Used Them
Tenergy 05Lin Yun-Ju and Kanak Jha
Tenergy 19Kanak Jha and Suthasini Sawettabut
Tenergy 64Sofia Polcanova and Thomas Schmidbeger
Tenergy 80Zhang Jike and Miyu Kato
Dignics 05Patrick Franziska and Dimitrij Ovtcharov
Dignics 09cTimo Boll and Fan Zhendong
Dignics 64Adriana Diaz and Kalinikos Kreanga
Dignics 80Jun Mizutani and Toshihiko Oka

Price Comparison

Both Butterfly Dignics and Tenergy are expensive table tennis rubbers compared to other brands. Dignics rubbers are usually around $10 more expensive than Tenergy rubbers. Here’s a price comparison table.

RubberAverage Price
Tenergy 05 Hard$80
Tenergy 05/ 25/ 64/ 80 and FX versions$85
Dignics 05/ 09c/ 64/ 80$95

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