Butterfly Rozena vs Tenergy Rubber: What’s the Difference?

Butterfly Tenergy is one of the most popular high-performance rubbers on the market. Butterfly Rozena is a newer rubber which was released in 2017 and has different properties to suit different types of table tennis players.

In this article I’ll be directly comparing Tenergy and Rozena in terms of their speed, spin and control characteristics and outlining which players each type of rubber is most suitable for.

Rozena vs Tenergy

Butterfly Rozena is a more forgiving and easier to control rubber compared to Tenergy, hence it is better suited to less experienced players. However, Tenergy offers better performance in terms of speed and spin. Rozena also has a pink sponge layer whereas Tenergy has an orange sponge layer.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 (image links to Amazon)

Butterfly Rozena (image links to Amazon)

Butterfly Tenergy Overview

The Butterfly Tenergy range is hugely popular with professional players and is best known for its exceptionally high speed and spin properties.

There are 5 main types of Tenergy:

  • Tenergy 05: lower speed, moderate spin
  • Tenergy 19: offers the highest spin
  • Tenergy 25: moderate speed and spin
  • Tenergy 64: fastest but least spin
  • Tenergy 80: high spin and speed
TenergyIdeal Player PositioningSuitability
05Close-mid distance from tableForehand
19Close-mid distance from tableBackhand
25Close to the tableBackhand
64Mid-long distance from tableForehand
80Close-mid distance from tableEither

There are also “FX” versions of 05, 25, 64 and 80. The FX versions have a softer sponge which makes it easier to control but lowers the speed and spin capabilities of the rubber.

There is also a “hard” version of 05 which adds more speed but offers less spin and control than the standard Tenergy 05 rubber.

If you’re looking for more information, check out my complete guide to the Butterfly Tenergy range.

Butterfly Rozena Overview

Butterfly Rozena is designed to be for beginner and intermediate table tennis players rather than professionals. It still offers plenty of spin and speed, but the focus is more on control compared to the Tenergy and Dignics series.

There are three sponge thicknesses available (same as Tenergy):

  • 2.1 mm
  • 1.9 mm
  • 1.7 mm

Butterfly Rozena also differs from most rubbers on the market in that it has a pink sponge layer.

Which Rubber Produces the Most Spin?

All Butterfly Tenergy versions offers more spin compared to Rozena, except for Tenergy 64 which feels slightly less spinny. Tenergy 05, 19, 25 and 80 all offer exceptional spin capability. Rozena still offers plenty of spin, but you’ll need to put more effort into your stroke to get the most out of it.

Within the Tenergy range there’s a bit of a debate as to which rubber offers the most spin. According to Butterfly, Tenergy 64 is the least spinny, followed by 25, 80, 05 and finally 19 is considered the most spinny. However, many players actually find Tenergy 05 less spinny than both Tenergy 20 and 80.

Butterfly RubberSpin Rating
Tenergy 6410.5
Butterfly Rozena10.8
Tenergy 2511.0
Tenergy 8011.25
Tenergy 0511.5
Tenergy 1911.7
Butterfly Tenergy vs Rozena spin rating

Which Rubber is the Fastest?

Butterfly Tenergy rubber is faster compared to Rozena. Tenergy feels more aggressive and faster due to the slightly harder sponge. That doesn’t mean that Rozena is a slow rubber though, it is still quick just not as quick as Tenergy. Rozena is about 10-20% slower than say Tenergy 05.

Here are the official Butterfly speed ratings for each rubber. Take them with a pinch of salt though because in reality, the difference in speed between Rozena and Tenergy 05 is pretty significant for most players.

Butterfly RubberSpeed Rating
Butterfly Rozena13.0
Tenergy 0513.0
Tenergy 1913.2
Tenergy 2513.25
Tenergy 8013.25
Tenergy 6413.5
Butterfly Tenergy vs Rozena speed rating

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Which Rubber Gives the Best Control?

Butterfly Rozena is described to be easier to control compared to Tenergy. This means that Butterfly Rozena offers:

  • Less sensitivity to incoming spin
  • Easiest to block with
  • More forgiving when out of position

Hence, Rozena is designed more for beginner and intermediate table tennis players, whereas Tenergy is only really recommended for high-level players who will prefer the additional speed and spin qualities at the expense of ease of control.

The extra control that Rozena offers is in part due to the softer 35 degree sponge compared to the harder 36 degree sponge found on the standard Tenergy rubbers. However, it’s important to note that the Tenergy FX versions are also more forgiving as they have an even softer sponge.

Which Rubber is the Most Durable?

One of the benefits of Butterfly Tenergy which helps to justify the higher price tag, is that it is more durable compared to Rozena. Butterfly Tenergy lasts for around 120-130 hours on average, whereas Rozena typically lasts for around 80-100 hours which is still decent, but not as impressive as Tenergy.

Positioning Suitability

Although there aren’t any hard or fast rules here, some rubbers are designed to be played optimally at certain distances from the table.

  • Tenergy 25 is designed to be used close to the table
  • Rozena, Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 80 are designed for close-mid distance from the table
  • Tenergy 19 is good for mid-distance play
  • Tenergy 64 is recommended for mid-long distance

Price Comparison

Since Butterfly developed Rozena for less advanced players, it also cheaper compared to Tenergy. On average, Rozena is 37.5% cheaper compared to Tenergy. Check out the table below for the average prices.

Butterfly RubberAverage Price
Tenergy 05 Hard$80
Tenergy 05/ 25/ 64/ 80 and FX versions$85
Price comparison of Butterfly Tenergy and Rozena

Which Rubber is Right for You?

If you find Tenergy to be too aggressive and responsive and desire a rubber which still has high speed and spin capabilities, but is easier to control then you’ll find Butterfly Rozena to be a good all-rounder. However, if you want maximum performance then Tenergy is the best option for higher-level players in a lot of cases.

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