Are Ping Pong Tables Waterproof?

Looking after your ping pong table is essential if you want it to last for the years to come, and knowing if your table is waterproof is an essential piece of information needed both for storing and cleaning it. In this article, I’ll explain which types of ping pong tables are waterproof and which types can’t get wet.

Indoor ping pong tables are not waterproof and will become damaged if they get overly wet or are stored in humid conditions. Outdoor ping pong tables have a waterproof frame and playing surface, but should still be stored under cover to keep them dry for playing.

Some Types of Ping Pong Table are Waterproof

Outdoor ping pong tables have a waterproof playing surface and frame whereas most indoor ping pong tables have a non-waterproof surface but may have a waterproof frame depending on the design.

There are two important parts of the table to assess when figuring out if the table is waterproof:

  • Playing surface
  • Frame

Playing Surface

On an indoor ping pong table, you’ll usually find that it has a wooden playing surface. These surfaces are not waterproof and will warp if they are exposed to rain or excessive humidity. Warping causes the table to become uneven so table will not be flat and the ball will not bounce consistently across the surface. This is why indoor tables should not be stored or used outside.

Some indoor tables will have a metal playing surface instead which is waterproof but this is quite rare and they are still not meant for outdoor use.

With regards to cleaning an indoor ping pong table, the best option is to use a dry towel to remove any dust and only use a dedicated cleaner when absolutely necessary to avoid getting the table wet too often.

Outdoor ping pong tables have a metal, resin or concrete playing surface which is waterproof and can get wet. In the case of resin and metal playing surfaces, the table should still be covered to prevent it from getting saturated, but it is unlikely to cause any issues. Concrete tables are completely water resistant and do not really need to be covered.


Ping pong tables usually have either a metal, resin, concrete or wooden frame. Only indoor tables will have a wooden frame, as these are not designed to get wet. Moisture will cause a wooden frame to warp and break down.

You can also look at the type of net the table has. Most tables (indoor and outdoor) will have a fabric net which is not designed to get wet as it will droop, but will dry out in most cases without causing any damage.


Some outdoor tables will have a concrete or metal net which can get wet without changing the shape, and they will simply dry out in the sun. These tables are usually quite expensive and are designed for areas like parks, where the table is left uncovered and is used communally.

Metal table tennis net

Can You Make a Ping Pong Table Waterproof?

Ping pong tables cannot be waterproofed without affecting the playing surface. Some owners apply a polyurethane sealer to their ping pong tables to make them waterproof but this will change the playing surface and is not recommended by manufacturers.

How to Protect a Ping Pong Table from Water

If you have an indoor ping pong table you need to protect it from water and moisture. The same is true with a lot of outdoor tables as well, which should not be exposed to rain in ideal circumstances.

The best way to protect a ping pong table from rain or other sources of water, is to keep it under a cover. Most table covers are made from polyethylene which is a waterproof synthetic resin, so they effectively protect the table from water.

You should also be conscious of excessive humidity. This is particularly true if any part of your ping pong table is made from wood, as is the case for pretty much every indoor table on the market. Excessive moisture in the air for long periods of time will cause the table to warp and render it useless if you want a good game of table tennis.

Keeping it covered will help to prevent this, but make sure that the room you are storing and playing in isn’t overly humid.

Where Can You Store and Use a Ping Pong Table?

The best place to store a ping pong table is indoors in a low-humidity environment which has a moderate and consistent temperature. Frequent extreme temperature changes will cause a wooden ping pong table to warp, as well as excessive humidity.

  • Don’t store or use an indoor ping pong table outdoors.
  • Don’t store an indoor ping pong table in a garage unless it is temperature controlled and free from excessive humidity.
  • Protect indoor and outdoor ping pong tables with a cover and fold them away when they are not in use.

Check out my article on where you can store and use an indoor ping pong table for more information.

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